CCC (CallCulturalCenter)

CCC (Call Cultural Center) Video installation (Ink drawing on washi paper 108 cm x 196 cm + Video
Projection mapped multichannel, 4 mim 16 s). 2021.

Video installation arising from the observation of how the majority of cultural agents in our country have a job that differs from their real work, due to the structural and systemic incapacity to reproduce life through the salary that their vocation can offer them. One of the sectors where “curiously” more people from the cultural sphere are employed is telemarketing, a paradox that
reached its extreme in my last job as a telephone service provider: of the 15 people hired, 10 of them belonged to the cultural sector. The transformation of the world through technology and the use of social networks is an exercise in which more and more parts of our lives are projected and there is no material time left to realise them in any other way. In this way, using our hours in
multinationals, the remaining time is scarce, turning us into projectors of what we really want to do; our longing is drawn mentally on the computer, the headphones, the keyboard, and shared on Instagram…

The piece is made up of a drawing on paper that represents a call centre box onto which a multi-channel video is projected, with the content of the networks of these “teleoperators of culture”.

So, my reflection led me to imagine the call centre as a cultural centre, the telephone boxes as exhibition halls, concert halls, theatres, photographic studios, etc. Those spaces where, materially, our life as projectors took place in order to “supposedly” be able to exercise our authentic profession.

Remedios Zafra’s “El Entusiasmo”, Jorge Moruno’s “No tengo tiempo” and “La fábrica del emprendedor”, Zygmunt Bauman’s “Arte Líquido”, Guy Debord’s “La sociedad el espéctaculo”, or Michel Foucault’s “Vigilar y Castigar”, to name but a few of the key authors.

Ink pots on Call Centres: From the exploitation of junk work to the self-exploitation of the creative dream.
Japanese ink drawings on washi paper with photoprints. 6 pieces of 21 cm x 29,7 cm. 2021