Remember me Green

Collaborative film made as part of the Puertas FilmFest film festival with the attendees and inhabitants of
Puertas de Cabrales. From 11 to 15 August 2023, María’s stable became a recording studio with two film
sets and a post-production studio.

“To remember” from the Latin “recordari”, formed by re (again) and cordis (heart).
More than keeping in mind : to go through the heart again.
“Green” derived from the Latin virĭdis ‘green, vigorous, lively, young’.
The vitality that comes from the optimal state of the natural.

Caring for the environment is also part of preserving memory.
Regenerating the heartbeat and listening to it again can be the beginning of getting to know our nature
and being able to honour it.
The memory that honours the earth.

An original idea by Carla Cañellas and Eugenio Tardón AEC
With the collaboration in the soundtrack of #escuchaloscolores
and Pablo Arnaiz in post-production

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