A common place

A common place is a refuge formed by the processes of conscious food
production. A home created through the journey of a kitchen that is born and
grows being respectful with nature. A space made as its name indicates, of
common places, places and aspects that we all know, but continually forget.
“Common places” as set phrases, both in structure and aesthetics.
The hands that sow. The hands that cultivate, that harvest.
We are talking about eating with consciousness.
What we eat, how we eat, where food comes from.
The obviousness is tremendous, but no less important. Taking care of ourselves in
this process is possibly the most eco-sustainable option for the planet, accurately
fulfilling the maxim of changing oneself first to change the world. Then, this
commonplace phrase would certainly be fulfilled.
From the moment a seed is planted until it is digested, there is a whole path that
can create a home or destroy it completely.
That home, that is the common place.

A common place is an audiovisual installation formed by a structure of washi paper,which recreates the
shape of a Maso, the type of farm that can be found in the areaof South Tyrol. The different facades of this
hut are made with washi paper, which are drawn with Japanese ink recreating different motifs relating to
food and organic production processes; In turn, different videos are projected from inside, which also
reflect elements of the food process from planting to the table.

To create it we have followed a route of different eco-sustainable, biological and
biodynamic producers; different orchards, gardens and vineyards to reach the
interior of a conscious kitchen to build “a house with its own light” illuminating
from the inside to the outside through the example of their practices.

Project devised and developed with Eugenio Tardón during the residency at Pure Art Circle, Alpe di Siusi, Italy.
August-September 2021.