This project proposes a plastic analysis of the concept of identity in its encounter with the mass media and new technological uses. Through portraiture executed in different media-painting, interactive video projection and photography-, it is proposed to create a journey taking as references “profile” images used in social networks, associating them with established classic models of identity representation.

In the processes of multiple identification that we use in the networks, we must take into account a factor that I believe to be important: the coexistence of the virtual world with the material world, a consequence of the digital situation in which we are immersed, which, in favour of it, creates an identity construction formed by different changing layers, immaterial and physical at
the same time. Thus, for some time now, documents such as passports were considered to be the main reference when it came to identifying a person; today, this association finally occurs in relation to their digital data. While it is true that representative models such as photography or painting do exist, the current excessive use of technological gadgets has created an internal gap in their users, associated with the almost pathological need to show ourselves as we wish to be.

Decoding (Material games from the data base world)
Interactive video and painting installation (interactive video, arduino and oil on canvas) Variable dimensions,
Studio Kura, Itoshima, Japan, 2016
Images of the public's interaction with the installation.